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Susan Amason is a compensation consultant for O'Neal Consulting.  Susan has nearly two decades of experience in the human resources field.  She has worked for large international firms as well as small independent companies.

Terri Swain brings a well-rounded perspective to her role as a human resources consultant, with experience as an EEO/affirmative action specialist to go with  her HR generalist experiences.

Jim Finley of JFA Consulting helps organization of every size and description to achieve maximum productivity by equipping them to gain the greatest potential from their people.  Jim and his team help organizations create an environment that fosters peak productivity from everyone and provide the proper direction, resources and feedback to their employees.

Linda Brown has a passion for learning and training.  Her experience and presentation skills have made her one of the most sought after business trainers and presenters in her field.

Cheryl Foster brings considerable experience in IT and business analysis, using workflow and root cause analysis to streamline business processes.